Bleona Qereti Truly Does Run Her Own Game

Dec 12, 2014 by User 0 Comments

Like Cher, Prince, and Madonna before her, Bleona Qereti is known simply by her unusual first name. Born in Albania with stars in her eyes and indomitable ambition in her soul, by the age of 15 she had successfully won over the hearts of her fellow Albanians with her Beyonce-like stature, Maddona-like zeal and a voice that could herald both demons and angels. She became the very first Albanian pop star and much like how Napoleon set his sights on strange and faraway lands, Bleona set out to conquer the rest of the world with her vivacious diva-ness.

She’s come a long way from her first self-funded album I Run My Own Game in 1998 to the edgy-Euro Diva Princess she is today starring in Bravo’s brand new reality series, “Euros of Hollywood.” You can check out her royal goddess Monday nights at 10:00, because after all, what diva princess is ever on time?   

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